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Welcome to The World of BIO520!

  • Higher Yields and Increased Profits - Bio520’s unique mineral blend, combined with our proprietary processing method, is specifically designed to benefit all indoor and outdoor plants and crops. Your plants will not just grow, they will thrive! When you incorporate Bio520 into your existing growing process you can expect higher yields, and enjoy the associated increased profits.

  • Shorter Growth Cycles Save Money and Resources  - Our optimal mineral formula helps create shorter growth cycles, and all the benefits that go along with that. Saving time, money and precious resources is more important than ever, and Bio520 has got you covered!    

  • Clean, Safe and Natural - Bio520 is 100% natural, with no man-made, harmful chemicals. Developed from Mother Nature for Mother Nature. Bio520 also helps inhibit the uptake of some toxic substances, such as heavy metals, providing a healthier and cleaner yield.

  • Promotes Increased Plant Vitality and Health - We combine our synergistic blend of special mineral ores, chosen for their exceptional ability to improve overall plant vitality and health, with our unique proprietary process to create the finest particle size obtainable. This ensures optimal uptake of nutrients, resulting in stronger, healthier plants, and higher quality produce.   

  • Easy To Use - Simply add Bio520 to your established feeding system. It’s that easy! Bio520 works with your current feeding protocols, and enhances the performance and effectiveness of other products you may be using.

Put the latest innovation in agricultural science to work for you!

Contact us today to set up a FREE trial!

There is a person standing in a field holding a box that says BIO520 across the front. The box is full of a variety of fresh produce.

Reach out today to set up a trial or for any questions!


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